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Mike has been an Elvis fan just about as far back as he can remember. He grew up listening to Elvis with his father, Joe. In fact, here is some photographic evidence that Mike was a fan of The King from an early age: 
In his teens, Mike played bass in a metal band, and discovered that he felt at home on stage. He decided to try performing as an ETA after seeing a family member compete in the Collingwood Elvis Festival. Being an ETA proved to be more challenging than he thought that first year, but that only made him work harder to improve his performance. 
Mike went on to consistently place in the Top 3 in contests in Canada and the United States over a number of years. His band Mike E. and the Hounddogs was a fan favourite in southern Ontario. Mike took a hiatus for 7 years and is now back and more committed than ever to perform to the top of his abilities and share his love of Elvis with fans everywhere.
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